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Still using spreadsheets to handle travel leads?

Try Frytap, the TRAVEL CRM software for 'Travel Agents' that automates day-to-day tasks, track leads, create and share itineraries, and fasten your bookings
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Powering sales for 1000's of today's fastest growing travel agencies
TRAVEL CRM vs. Spreadsheet vs. Email
Spreadsheets and emails are for sorting data and managing email interactions, but not for travel operartions. The table below lists common travel needs, drawing a clear distinction between what can be achieved with a CRM software and spreadsheets.
Manage Contacts
A 360° view of the contact × ×
Prioritize leads by their activities × ×
Create customized Itineraries × ×
Set up alerts × ×
Manage end to end bookings × ×
Holistic view of business through reports × ×
How frytap CRM software can help sales teams
With a CRM software like Frytap, you can improve customer relationships and retention, increase sales and revenue, automate outreach process and tasks, and more. Here’s a look at a few more reasons why Frytap beats spreadsheets.

Intutive Managed Dashboards
Access multiple functionalities—email, phone, reports, activity tracking, automations—and have a 360° view of every customer. This helps focus on the human aspect of sales: reaching out and channelising ops effectively.

Stay Atop On Your leads
Get complete visibility of leads across stages. Know how many leads are in each stage, and the potential revenue they will bring. Automatically identify the hot leads, and unclog your sales pipeline by spotting and eliminating stale deals.

Create Itineraries
Create fully customizable itineraries, unlimited iterations just the way your customer. Now make unlimited number of packages and sell more.

Smart Invoice and Suppliers
Invoices are tough? Not now, create hassle free auto calcuted invoices within minutes. Also, now no need to tensed of los supplier data, here you can create an ever lasting repository of all your suppliers to keep your business as fast as possible.

Smart Alerts
CRM software will give you alerts and let you never lose on the important followps wth your prospcted customers. Let the CRM do the talking.

Advance Reporting/Data Driven
Create and track the right sales metrics to know the sales team’s performance, the revenue obtained from each region, the bookings likely to close etc. to address bottlenecks and resource allocation.
Mobile first dashboards keep you on top even on the go
Visualizing all your company's data and communication in one place helps reveal opportunities. With mobile first approach, you are always in sync with company operations wherever you are.
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Annual billing
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Frytap is a travel crm software customized for travel agents/tour operators so that they can manage their leads, bookings, suppliers at one place. It's a crm software that allows travel agents to communicate their customers and also automate their daily tasks of follow-up which increases their return on investment and their sales team's productivity. On frytap one can do - lead management, booking management, suppliers management, report analysis all at one place. This FREE CRM is completely customized for sales and operations team of a travel company. Start managing your leads today on Frytap travel CRM software. Join Frytap and start maturing more leads to double your business’s growth rate.

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