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8 cost-effective ways of LEAD GENERATION for a travel company

8 cost-effective ways of LEAD GENERATION for a travel company

For any business, lead generation is one of the most important aspects. Lead generation involves invoking the inquisitive sense in potential customers. It is important for the companies to work on lead generation so as to bring the right kind of audience on board. There are many ways Travel agencies can generate leads, both organic and inorganic. Instead of relying completely on the host agency, here are few measures that as an agency, you can take to generate leads.

1. Word of Mouth

no matter what kind of business you are engaged in, WoM has and shall remain the number one tactic for lead generation. It involves people who have already used your services providing testimonials for potential customers to make an informed decision. The conversion rate due to word of mouth is always high as people are more likely to believe people who have already used the service than the company itself. It is one of the raw forms of advertising and an organic method of lead generation. It's a win-win situation for both the company and the customers. However, it is imperative to keep a tab on the negative reviews.

2. Keyword Optimization

this is the next best option for lead generation. For any kind of business problem, Google search has become the number one solution. Hence, to get on the top of the search results, using the right kind of keywords, your website can come up to the top of the results. Simple tools like google analytics can help the travel agent by using the right kind of keyword.


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3. Email marketing

one of the most economical ways of reaching out the target audience. It’s been prevalent since emails have come into existence. The trickiest part of email marketing is building the email list of people you might want to reach. After finding the right people, you have to write an email with certain ‘call-to-action’ like click here to know more or buy now kind of options. These actions eventually tell us whether our target audience is reached or not.

4. Social Media Marketing​

social media is where everyone is and hence, one of the best places to find the potential customers. Social media can not only help to get the right kind of audience on board but also build a lot of credibilities. When it comes to Social Media handles, it is important to have an engaging portal. Live streaming the various destinations or share stories of customers. Create a hashtag and encourage the customers to use it. This will increase the visibility of the page. Conduct the contests, engaging the customers, to improve the visibility of the page.

5. Classified ads

just like ads are listed in newspapers, the companies can list their advertisements on various online platforms as well. These can either be free or paid depending upon the discretion of the businesses. One of the most used types of advertisement is display-ads. It is costlier than the classified ads but more effective.

6. YouTube Marketing

being a travel agent this is one of the most engaging tools of marketing that can be used by travel agents. You can start a youtube channel which will not only create more publicity but also help you find interested people. The list of subscribers can be used as a list of the potential customers.

7. Customer incentives​

even though this is not a new technique, to bring customers on board it is always a good idea to give away the incentives. This could include a lot of things like free spa vouchers, movie vouchers, complimentary airport transfers, gift baskets, free meals with hotels, and other similar schemes. All this makes the customer feel important and he may spread a positive word of mouth about the company.

8. Referral programs

​this is a very common and a technique that works almost every time. The idea of the referral program is to bring more and more people on board, by sustaining the earlier ones. This includes incentives for both the potential as well as the old customers. Therefore, the conversion rates are quite high when using this tactic.

The website and the social media handles are the mirror to your business to the target audience out there. Therefore, it is imperative to have a smart and user friendly website. Also, Facebook and Instagram can act as the potential place to get customers. On facebook you can join groups with travel bloggers and influencers, here one can find a lot of potential clients. However, each group has their own rules and regulation and thus, actions should be abided by them. Secondly, it is very important that you should manage the online reviews. If there is a positive review, thank the user for it. This will be a touch of personalization by the company and the probability of repeat purchases will increase. Then again if there are any negative reviews, work with the customer for the redressal of his grievance. It is very important to manage the online reviews because they have the capability to make or break the company.

All of this seems to be a hectic and time taking task, hence, it is important to have Customer Relationship Management software to have the consolidated version of all of it at one place. Travel CRMs help to manage all of this on behalf of your company and yield you sure shot results. FryTap is one such platform which will help you achieve the requisite lead generation by performing all of it.

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    Riya Singh

    July 07, 2021 - 03:56 PM

    For a travel agency, they have to be updated on their social media profile like instagram, facebook, linkedin etc. These ideas can help them to generate more quality organic leads instead of lead generated with paid campaigns. You have described very well. Thanks for these information, subscribed your blog.

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    June 04, 2020 - 09:51 AM

    to have a CRM in place for my travel business pl call 9373310853 , also show me a demo

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