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What is Travel CRM Software?

Travel CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is a software that helps travel companies including travel agents, tour operators, destination management companies(DMC), activity operators, hotels, etc foster strong customer relationships and improve sales and retention by having quality conversations with prospects and customers.
Difference between Travel CRM and Generic CRM
Although both Travel CRM and Generic CRM are customer relationship building software that enables companies to better manage their customers, However, Travel CRM software is a customized version of Generic CRM which has a lot of features and modules specially build for travel companies. Travel CRM better understands the use cases of the travel industry and has in-built travel processes, therefore it has faster adoption and short learning curve in Travel companies.
What extra one can expect from a Travel CRM than Generic CRM, are the following :
  • Travel Quotation + Itinerary Management
  • Cancellation policy integration
  • Vouchers management
  • On-trip experience management
  • Booking calendar
Common features of Generic CRM and Travel CRM are:
  • Lead management
  • Payment collection reminders
  • Email management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Booking management
  • User management
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Automatic lead assigning
Therefore if you are a travel company, it’s always better to go for a Travel CRM than Generic CRM as ‘Something Extra is Always Good’
Type of Travel CRM
B2B : B2B Travel CRM is for those companies which deal with resellers, partners, and travel agents of all sizes. Such CRM is built for B2B conversations and updates. For e.g in B2B Travel CRM, a DMC can save the rates & inventory from Hotel and can create & market a fixed departure for their travel agents network right within the CRM.
B2C : B2C Travel CRM is for those companies which deal with end consumer i.e travelers. Such CRM ensures proper notifications and alerts to the traveler around their trip so that they can have a wonderful experience with their chosen travel company.
Versions of Travel CRM
Travel CRM for travel agents are those which help them in
  1. Itinerary Management: beautiful itinerary creation with drag and drop features
  2. Voucher Management: automatic voucher creation and sharing with customers
  3. Invoice Management: automatic creation and creation of invoices for booked customer
  4. Supplier Management: listing and inventory management of suppliers
  5. Feedback Management: automatic processes for feedback collection and marketing
  6. Lead Management: the process of acquiring and managing leads (potential customers) until the point where they make a purchase.
Technical Classification of Travel CRM
ENTERPRISE Travel CRM are those softwares that are hosted on physical servers which are generally present in premises of the customer.
a. Which type of companies use Enterprise Travel CRM : All traditional large organizations goes procuring such kind of solution as they do not want their customer database to go outside their premise. Because of which it is very costly and requires a lot of technical expertise as well. Its maintenance cost is also very high.
CLOUD based Travel CRM: are those softwares which are hosted on the cloud and any company can buy its subscription at a nominal cost. By 2017, 87% of companies moved to a cloud CRM solution. According to Gartner, 75% spend by companies is on Cloud-based CRM.
a. Which type of companies use Cloud-based Travel CRM : Initially only small and medium enterprises go with this solution however in the last couple of years as mentioned above everyone is going with Cloud-based Travel CRM. Frytap is a Cloud-based Travel CRM.
Who can use Travel CRM
Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an enterprise, in the B2B or B2C space, a Travel CRM brings more decree and transparency, helps improve interactions with customers, optimizes sales performance, and streamlines travel business processes. Here's how different businesses can benefit from using a Travel CRM.
Startups are generally very small(team size of up to 5 people) and have a lot in hand to work on. In such a situation Travel CRM helps improve their per-person productivity and close more deals, and in starting performance matters a lot.
Small Businesses
Small businesses generally are a team of up to 20-30 people and requires a lot of inter and intra coordination between customer and other stakeholders to be productive. Therefore, Travel CRM helps small businesses keep their employees informed and empowers them to present a good image in front of their customers.
For enterprises, brand image is very important therefore its imperative to have minimum TAT(turn around time) for responding to customers and suppliers. And such excellence can’t be achieved without investing in a travel CRM as employees can’t be on their toes 24x7.
What is the right time to adopt Travel CRM
If you observe any of the below happening in your organization, then it is the right time to introduce Travel CRM in your organization:
  • No Single source of lead: if you are juggling between a lot of tools to access your leads
  • Time wasting tasks: Spend too much time on unnecessary manual data entry
  • Lack of visibility: No insight into what your sales team is doing and how to prioritize leads
  • Inconsistent sales process: No proper steps to align with travelers leading to longer sales cycles
  • Unsatisfied customer: No aggregated data of travelers to personalize conversations
How to choose the right CRM for your business
There are, of course, various factors to look for when you are researching for the right Travel CRM for your business, and it varies depending on your category and your company size. Here are the top three factors that remain constant though:
A clean and super-intuitive user interface that is easy to understand in first go: it’s an important indicator of a simple Travel CRM solution.
Look out for any hidden charges which may come in form of email sending quota, data uploading quota, itinerary uploading quota and in-app purchases. Expensive solutions are not always good. Modular pricing is better as it charges you only for those features which you require.
The ideal Travel CRM for your business solves your use case(s). Before starting a CRM hunt, always keep your use case(s) ready and clearly defined.
Essential Features of a Travel CRM
Lead Management
Booking Management
Supplier Management
Email Management
Advance Reports
Invoice Management
Voucher Management
Itinerary Management
Marketing Automation
Benefits of a Travel CRM

Better customer relationships
Personalization automated communication reduces TAT and increases satisfaction rate

Increase team collaboration
Useful information not just for your sales team, but for marketing and support teams too

Less time in data entry
Automatically track emails, calls, and meetings

High conversion rate
Get all the information you need on one screen and sell faster.

High revenue
Spend less time digging through spreadsheets and more time selling.

Close deals fast — whether you’re working at the office or on the road.
Process of finalizing the right Travel CRM for your company
1. Define your Use Case
Either you are selling directly to travelers i.e B2C, or selling to corporates i.e MICE, or selling to travel agents i.e B2B; every business is different in their requirement so asking yourself the right questions is the first step towards consolidating your use cases
2. Look for Use-Case Travel CRM fit
So if you are mostly dependent on emails, then your CRM should track opens/clicks for you, and give options to send bulk email. If SMS is your lead-magnet then integration with SMS channel is important or everything happens on phone then dialler integration is a must. So look for the best fit for your use case and give that Travel CRM a try first. BTW, Frytap provides email tracking and SMS integration. Dialer integration coming soon. Feel free to reach out to our team with your use cases
3. Have SMART expectations from your CRM
Remember to have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) expectations from your Travel CRM software. It’s the difference between increasing your deals and increasing the number of closed deals by 100% in 30 days.
4. Look for Team-CRM fit too
CRM can’t be imposed on sales representatives. It’s important for the team to be comfortable with the Travel CRM which you have finalized. If the team doesn’t utilize the product in full-throttle, the investment would be futile
Travel CRM FAQ
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Is there any long term contract
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Why Travel CRM better than generic CRM
Can I also do marketing on Travel CRM
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How to migrate to Frytap Travel CRM software
If frytap fits in your use-cases, then don’t forget to give it a whirl. We’ve tried our best to reduce the friction of switching. Here are two use-cases
You are still using spreadsheets
You just need to upload the CSV of your leads data in a defined format and it will be active within minutes. If you face any difficulty, then you can also reach out to our support team for help
You are using another CRM
We have REST API to call your data from your existing CRM, or you can import the exported files from your existing CRM. Reach out to our support team for further information.
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Frytap is a travel crm software customized for travel agents/tour operators so that they can manage their leads, bookings, suppliers at one place. It's a crm software that allows travel agents to communicate their customers and also automate their daily tasks of follow-up which increases their return on investment and their sales team's productivity. On frytap one can do - lead management, booking management, suppliers management, report analysis all at one place. This FREE CRM is completely customized for sales and operations team of a travel company. Start managing your leads today on Frytap travel CRM software. Join Frytap and start maturing more leads to double your business’s growth rate.

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