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Auto Proposal

Send quotations automatically
Post COVID-19, it's imperative to make use of technology to automate time-taking repetitive processes. Now you can ask system to sendquotation/tour package to traveler automatically in real time.
Advantages of Auto-Proposal
TAT of 5 min
Customer experience will improve 5x when you'll reach out to them in just 5 min. All this is because of Auto-Proposal

When sales team will spend more time in negotiating than on creating packages, then you will reap in more benefits.

Beat Competition
You will be the first one to reach to your customer with a package while your competitor is still working on details.

First in class feature. Get first mover advantage
Be the first one to implement automatic tour quotation sending. It will help improve your CSAT(customer satisfaction score), increase productivity(sales/user) and make your brand superior to the counterparts
Lead Insertion is super fluid
You can also automate the lead insertion process at Frtyap. This will ensure that your customers are treated well even when you are asleep. API available to fetch leads from any aggregator. We've already tied up with some aggregators to automate your leads addition process, so that you can focus more on Sales.
Frequently asked questions
We know you must be having lots of questions in your mind. Here are answers to few
Can I upload my package as auto proposal?
Yes, you can upload your itinerary design and send it as auto-proposal. Besides, you can also use system design.
Will it be same for every destination?
For every destination you have to create separate proposal. System will automatically select the best one for customer.
Is there any limit to number of auto proposal?
Currently there is no limit on the number of leads you can add. Therefore, there is no limit to auto-proposals.
Is adding auto-proposals a tiresome process?
No, If you are creating fresh, then it will take upto 5 min. If you are uploading yours, then it won't take more than a minute.
Can I send auto-proposal during free trial?
Yes, frytap will send auto-proposal to your customers even when during free trial.
Can I purchase only auto-proposal?
No, auto-proposal is tied up with our annual subscription plan.
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