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Booking Manager

Complete booking management solution under one roof. You can visualize every activity happening against a booking on single page. One of its kind.
More Sales, Less legwork
Better Coordination
No more blame game as sales, operations, and accounts are always up to date about a booking. Reduces waste of time & increases productivity.

"360o" view of Booking
Single page application to view every aspect of a booking. Be it customers, payments, emails, or history.

Stay informed
Every important update in a booking gets updated to every stakeholder.

Everyone in Synchronization
No need to communicate every stakeholder in a booking manually. Frytap will automatically keep every relevant stakeholder i.e traveler, supplier/DMC, accounts, operations, admin in a booking in sync by updating them with what's relevant. Stakeholders can also RAISE CONCERNS which again gets communicated to sales person.
Create database of fellow passengers
Add details of every passenger in a booking in system to ensure relevant communications are being sent to them as well. It provides repeat business for the company
Complete ledger with approval system
All use cases of payments are being covered in the booking management of frytap:
  1. Traveler making payment to travel agency
  2. Traveler making payment to supplier (Hotel/Transporter)
  3. Travel agency making payment to supplier
Visualize all aspects
Booking Management provides better visibility that helps you not miss any customer. Therefore better CSAT (Customer Satisfaction):
  • Calender of arrivals
  • Timeline view of history
  • Dedicated section of Profit Margin
Role based visibility
You can control who can see what! We understand nuances of operations and have handled them well in the product. You can control:
  1. Cost price visibility
  2. Profit margin visibility
  3. Power of adding suppliers etc
  4. Editing rights of booking
Frequently asked questions
We know you must be having lots of questions in your mind. Here are answers to few
Can I get free trial before purchase?
Yes, you can try the Booking Management System for 14 days for free.
Is there a limit to the number of bookings that can be added?
No, there is no limit to the the number of listings. You can add as many as you want.
Is adding a new booking a tiresome process?
No, it is very easy to understand and use.
How long is the purchase valid for?
The plan shall be valid for an year. Post that you can renew the service in the most hassle free manner.
Can I download the ledger in excel?
Yes, frytap allows you to download your ledger and do the complete analysis on a booking.
Can I purchase only booking manager?
Yes, You can separately purchase booking manager as well. Talk to our team to know more details.
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Frytap is a travel crm software customized for travel agents/tour operators so that they can manage their leads, bookings, suppliers at one place. It's a crm software that allows travel agents to communicate their customers and also automate their daily tasks of follow-up which increases their return on investment and their sales team's productivity. On frytap one can do - lead management, booking management, suppliers management, report analysis all at one place. This FREE CRM is completely customized for sales and operations team of a travel company. Start managing your leads today on Frytap travel CRM software. Join Frytap and start maturing more leads to double your business’s growth rate.

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